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N. 32nd street from Westfield Avenue, 1925
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Camden First – 1925

These pages show the many varieties of beautiful “Air-Lite” and “Air-Wa” homes on the outskirts of Camden. These pictures tell there own story of attractiveness, coziness, and unique fittings. This locality is especially attractive having ideal living conditions, good transportation by bus, trolley, and auto.

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Arthur Allen

ARTHUR ALLEN was born in 1894 in New Gretna,NJ. While serving with the United States Army in France during World War I, he volunteered to serve in America’s first tank unit, where he rose to the rank of sergeant, under the command of George D. Patton, who went on to fame during World War II.

Arthur Allen, 55, who was a member of the first American Tank Corps formed in War I, died Thursday night in his home, 3167 Merriell [sic] avenue, after an illness of a year. Born in New Gretna, he had been a resident of Camden since 1930. For the last seven years he was a district manager of R. M. Hollingshead Corp., four years of which were in New York and three in Camden. Mr. Allen was one of 700 young soldiers who had been sent from the then Camp Dix, now Ft. Dix, to France, unattached to any outfit. They were to be used where needed.
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Arthur Allen Dies; Fought in War I In 1st Tank Unit

Camden Courier-Post – April 28, 1950 Arthur Allen, 55, who was a member of the first American…