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  • Mother’s Koffee House

    Mother’s Koffee House

    1913 Broadway Mother’s Koffee House was a wholesale tea and coffee concerned, founded in 1927 by three partners. The business was located at 1913 Broadway in Camden’s Eighth Ward, and was a fixture on Broadway as late as the fall of 1959.

  • Walkathon at Central Airport

    W.E. Tebbets’ 1933 Walkathon Walkathons and Dance Marathons became popular during the Depression years. Promoter W.E. Tebbets set up many of these events all over the country, bringing his own bands and entertainers along to the event. After a successful walkathon at Atlantic City in 1932, Tebbets arranged for a similar contest to be held…

  • Depression Is Over Concern’s Slogan

    Depression Is Over Concern’s Slogan

    Camden Courier-Post – February 8, 1933 300 New Wholesale Accounts Opened in January by Mother’s Koffee House “The Depression Is Now Over” That is the slogan adopted for 1933 by a Camden firm which reports that its business for last month showed a gain over January, 1932, and that its sales last year topped those…