Tag: Richard Fetters School

  • John H. Dialogue Sr.

    John H. Dialogue Sr.

    When it comes to gauging success by the durability and global reach of one’s manufactured creations, John Dialogue undeniably stands as one of Camden’s most notable figures.

  • Stephen Decatur Button

    Stephen Decatur Button

    Stephen Button designed many well-known buildings and also the Richard Fetters School, Mickle School, the 1st Presbyterian and 2nd Presbyterian churches in Camden.

  • Charles Angelo Aceto

    Charles Angelo Aceto

    CHARLES ANGELO ACETO – Enterprise, industry, originality, and determination that overcomes all obstacles to success are characteristic of many young men from European countries who have sought this country for opportunity, and Charles Angelo Aceto affords a conspicuous example of one of these young men, who, in spite of handicaps, has entered into prosperity solely…

  • Miss Alice Burdsall, Retired Teacher

    Miss Alice Burdsall, of the plaza hotel, retired camden public school teacher, died Saturday in West Jersey Hospital. In 1902 and 1903 she taught in a private school in Chippewa, New York, then taught in Audubon public schools. She was appointed a teacher in the Camden public school system on April 27, 1908, to take…