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Jobless Son Kills Jake Schiller Wo Saves Boys Wife From Gun

A few hours after William Schiller killed his fater, his wife whom he had also tried to shoot, was found wandering through the city street, in all hysterical condition.

Two girl employees of the RCA Victor Company who are among nearly 100 persons suffering from ptomaine poisoning as the result of eating from "box lunches." Miss Clara Schaeffer, left, of Gloucester, and Miss Violetta Brown, Brooklawn, were confined to their beds at their homes last night after receiving treatment at Cooper Hospital.
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Stricken by Food in Camden Factory

Nearly 100 Camden factory and shipyard workers were poisoned yesterday after eating food contained in box lunches.

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Roxie Allen Held as One of Gang in Dice Game Holdup

Roxie Allen, Camden’s famed welterweight boxer, and one of his pals were arrested last night and Identified, according to police, as two of four men who held up a craps game early yesterday at Landisville. Loot is said to have totaled between $150 and $200.

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Bail Is Denied Roxie Allen in Robbery of 15 in Craps Game

Identified as four of the five bandits who held up and robbed 15 men at a craps game in a Landisville poolroom yesterday, Roxie Allen, well-known South Jersey boxer, and three other South Camden youths are under arrest today.