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  • Penn Street

    Penn Street

    Penn Street in Camden, New Jersey, has a history that reflects the city’s urban development and changes over time. Not appearing in the 1863 Camden City Directory, it is first listed in the 1867 edition, indicating its establishment or recognition within the city’s infrastructure during this period. Running east from the Delaware River to North…

  • 6th Street Lounge

    6th Street Lounge

    Charles F. Sattler had a liquor license for 109 North 6th Street as early as 1938. Shortly after he renewed his license in June of 1939, the bar appears to have changed hands. The 1940 Camden City Directory shows the bar as being called The Tavern, and that the proprietors were Taggart and Davis.

  • Who Killed Margaret Day?

    Who Killed Margaret Day?

    On May 3, 1974, a tragic incident unfolded in Camden, New Jersey, when 19-year-old Rutgers University student Margaret Day was murdered by an unknown assailant