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  • Camden’s Mayors

    Camden’s Mayors

    1828 – 2023 Mayor Term Political Party Samuel Lanning 1828-1830 Gideon V. Stivers 1830-1838 Elias Kaighn 1838-1840 Lorenzo F. Fisler 1840-1844 John K. Cowperthwaite 1844-1845 Richard W. Howell (Declined) Charles Kaighn 1845-1846 Thomas B. Wood 1846-1848 Benjamin A. Hammell 1848-1849 Charles Sexton 1849-1851 Lorenzo F. Fisler 1851-1852 Charles D. Hineline 1852-1853 Lorenzo F. Fisler 1853-1855…

  • Political Organization

    Political Organization

    Philadelphia Public Ledger – March 31, 1870 Political Organization.—The Republicans of Camden have organized a Ward Association for South Ward, adopted a Constitution and By-laws, and elected the following gentlemen as officers:—President, J. Kelley Brown; Vice Presidents—James H. Townsend, Samuel M. Gaul, William Wiatt, John Stevens; Recording Secretary, Charles P. Capewell; Corresponding Secretary, J. H.…