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  • Charles G. Garrison

    Charles G. Garrison

    Charles Grant Garrison was born in Swedesboro, New Jersey, on August 3, 1849. He was the son of Rev. Joseph Fithian Garrison and had three younger brothers: Lindley, William, and Joseph. Lindley Garrison served as the Secretary of War under President Wilson from 1913 until his resignation in 1916. The Garrison family moved to Camden…

  • Remembering Camden – Casselman Descendants

    Remembering Camden – Casselman Descendants

    Dear Mr. Cohen, I read the link you sent me Memories of Old Cooper Street by Will Paul. This man lived 50 years before I was born, but I recognized many of the names… some of whom had descendants I knew. The author mentioned some people in my family. Thomas E. French, of French, Richards,…

  • 47 More Men Join League to Aid Baird

    47 More Men Join League to Aid Baird

    Camden Courier-Post – October 29, 1931 Professional and Business Leaders Back Camden Man for Governor Forty-seven more prominent professional and business men yesterday joined the Baird-for-Governor Business Men’s League and pledged themselves to work actively in interest of David Baird Jr., for governor, and add special impetus to his campaign. The league was organized this…