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  • Vasco’s Cafe

    Vasco’s Cafe

    713 S. 3rd Street, Camden, NJ From the late 1900s through 1920 the saloon at 713 South 3rd Street was the home and place of business of Antonio DiPaolo, who would in 1919 found the First Italian Bank in Camden. Joseph Harris operated the establishment in 1931, according the the City Directory of that year.…

  • Seven Brothers Baking Company

    Seven Brothers Baking Company

    322 Pine Street Founded in 1910, the Seven Brothers Baking Company was initially managed by its original owner. In 1916, it came under the leadership of the seven Canzanese brothers, nephews of the founder. Vincent Canzanese played a key role in expanding and improving the bakery annually. The company, which started with horse-drawn wagons delivering…

  • 100 Friends Honor Director Abbott At Birthday Fete

    100 Friends Honor Director Abbott At Birthday Fete

    Camden Courier-Post – June 2, 1950 Public Works Director Abbott had a birthday Thursday and more than 100 of his friends and associates helped him celebrate it at a surprise dinner. In response to praise for his accomplishments, Abbott attributed much of his success to support of those “on the other side of the tracks,”…