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  • Arthur Avenue

    Arthur Avenue

    Arthur Avenue, named after U.S. President Chester A. Arthur, is situated within the Cramer Hill neighborhood of Camden. The street’s layout was established prior to 1887, with its christening as “Arthur Avenue” occurring after Chester Arthur assumed the presidency in late 1881. Maps predating World War I illustrate Arthur Avenue tracing the course of the…

  • 20 Reasons Why You Remember Cramer Hill

    20 Reasons Why You Remember Cramer Hill

    by Maria Miriam At night, you parked at the Submarine Races at the Cooper River Parkway. The scariest thing at the races was your date. You know what a Package Goods store is. You know which were opened on Sunday. You remember the neighbor’s dirty dishes piling high in their “zinks.” Everyone on the block…

  • 27th Street

    27th Street

    27th Street, located in the neighborhoods of Cramer Hill and East Camden, has a rich history that spans several decades. Originally known as Fulton Street, it underwent significant transformations over time. Prior to 1899, 27th Street was situated in Stockton Township. It extended from the southern end of Cramer Park, which was bounded by 29th…