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Dudley Grange 1928
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Dudley Grange – Tracking History

At one time the old Dudley mansion once stood on its grounds like a proud old lady. It was demolished in 1980, the victim of vandals and finally an arsonist.

Admiral Wilson Boulevard looking East from the Baird Boulevard Overpass circa 1958
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Admiral Wilson Boulevard

Admiral Wilson Boulevard, colloquially known as US Route 30, holds a rich history and a complex reputation in South Jersey.

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Victor King

Life Hereabouts
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Life Hereabouts by Charlie Humes

Down Memory Lane with that Old Gang of Yours… in a few of the years when Our Town was as good a sport town as any in the land… from the time that Taylor and Gunnis promoted fights through the years to Roxey Allen… Mickey Blair… Eddie Chaney… Shamus Maguire… Pee Wee Ross… Jackie Hindle… Watson Finch… Georgie Abner… Nick Nicholas… Dixie Allen…

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Checked and Double-Checked

It takes no crystal gazer to know that former U. S. Senator W. Warren Barbour hopes to get the Republican senatorial nomination without opposition…;So far no opposition has bloomed, but efforts are being made to get Robert Johnson, New Brunswick manufacturer who backed Glee, into the primary battle …;Unless the feeling against John Milton subsides, the Democrats will be hard put to find a suitable candidate for the job, unless they figure anybody can beat Barbour…;

Politics - Elephant and Donkey - Stock Photo
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“Harry L. Maloney Day” will be celebrated by South Jersey Democrats, Sunday, July 9, when the newly-appointed collector of internal revenue will be guest of honor at a picnic at Silver Lake Park. State leaders of the party will attend. Maloney, Democratic state committeeman from Camden County and Mayor of Bellmawr, was named by President Roosevelt to succeed Edward L. Sturgess and is expected to take office by July 1.

Mrs. Augusta K. Dole, New York woman, posed with etching on "The Song of the Open Road," as she sat in last chair Walt Whitman occupied at Mickle Street Home.
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400 Friends Pay Homage to ‘Good Gray Poet’

That’s Mickle Street where Walt Whitman, the “Good Gray Poet,” once lived, and old friends came back here from near and far yesterday to mingle under the portals of the house in which he wrote his famous works, on the 114th anniversary of his birth.

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Democrats to Hold Meetings Tonight

Camden Courier-Post – October 29, 1931
The campaign foe A. Harry Moore, gubernatorial candidate, and local Democratic candidates, will be carried into six wards of the city and in seven communities or the county tonight.

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Camden Voodo Man Once Kept Den in Norfolk, VA

Armed with picks, axes, and shovels a detail of police and firemen started this afternoon to tear up the underground voodoo den of E.H.H. Hyghcock, 413-15 Liberty Street.

Rice Farm Stock Photo
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‘Girl Farm’ At Voodoo Cavern

Investigations of H.H. Hyghcock, negro voodoo man, today brought out still more startling phases of the weird career of the dusky “seer” on Liberty Street.

Prominent East Camden citizens are forming the East End Trust Company and at a meeting of the organization committee yesterday secretary Leon Todd presented a report showing that 600 shares of the 1000 shares of stock have been subscribed for.
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East Camden Bank

Prominent East Camden citizens are forming the East End Trust Company and at a meeting of the organization committee yesterday…;