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  • Wilson L. Bromley

    Wilson L. Bromley came into the world in New Jersey, around the year 1853, as the child of Joseph and Ann Eliza Bromley. His father, Joseph Bromley, earned his living as a boilermaker. The Bromley family was residing in South Camden when the 1860 Census was conducted. At that time, the household consisted of four…

  • Policeman Will Contest Dismissal

    Policeman Will Contest Dismissal

    Policeman Samuel B. F. Alcott was tried last night by the Police Committee of the Camden City Council and dismissed from the service of the city, having been charged with assault and battery upon William Morris, a fireman..

  • More Policemen to go In Camden

    More Policemen to go In Camden

    According to a statement made by a member of the Police Committee of Camden City Council to an Inquirer reporter yesterday, charges will be preferred against a number of Democratic policemen during the week and the resignations of the officers are likely to follow.