Policeman Will Contest Dismissal

Philadelphia Inquirer – February 22, 1905

Samuel Alcott, Discharged by Councils, Will Take Case to Supreme Court

Policeman Samuel B. F. Alcott was tried last night by the Police Committee of the Camden City Council and dismissed from the service of the city, having been charged with assault and battery upon William Morris, a fireman..

Morris charged that Alcott assaulted him: on election day of last year in the Fourth precinct of the Fifth ward, and that Alcott knocked him down. Morris said that Alcott was in uniform at the time of the assault.

After hearing the testimony the Council Committee went into executive session and a few minutes later announced the dismissal of Alcott.

Alcott is a Democrat. He was defended by Attorney William C. French, who said last night, after the decision against his client, that he would ask for a writ of certiorari and carry the ease to the Supreme Court of New Jersey.

This 13 the first move on the part of the Democrats to have the Supreme Court sit in review on the dismissals of Democrats from the service of the city of Camden.

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