South Camden Trust

South Camden Trust Building. August 2, 2003

The South Camden Trust Company was opened for business on April 2, 1921.

Judge Ralph W.E. Donges was the first president, plumbing and heating contractor William J. Kelly was one of the charter directors. By the mid 1920s the bank was successful enough to the point where a new building was called for.

Architect Joseph Hettel of the firm Lackey & Hettel of Camden NJ was selected to design the new building, to be built at the corner of Broadway & Ferry Avenue, across the street form Judge Donges‘ boyhood home. Contractor James W. Draper began operations on the new banking house of the South Camden Trust Company, at Broadway and Ferry Avenue, on Monday, March 1, 1926.

The bank did not survive; by 1938 it had been vacant for years and taxes were in arrears. A settlement was come to in early 1938.

By 1947 the building was the home of the First Italian Pentecostal Church. Although the building has changed hands over the years, it remains open as a church to this day.

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