The Walt Whitman House

Postcard was published within 15 years of Walt Whitman's passing, and is most contemporary picture I've seen to date of the house as it would have looked during the poet's lifetime

The Walt Whitman House is a historic building in Camden, New Jersey, United States, and is on the National Register of Historic Places which was the last residence of American poet Walt Whitman, in his declining years before his death. It is located at 328 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, known as Mickle St. during Whitman’s time there.

While living in the home, Whitman completed several poems, many focused on public events. One was a sonnet published in the February 22, 1885, issue of the Philadelphia Press called “Ah, Not This Granite Dead and Cold” which commemorated the completion of the Washington Monument. Some of Whitman’s writing was done in his bedroom, which visitors noted was similar to a newspaper office, piled with stacks of paper. In this home, he also prepared an anthology of essays and articles November Boughs.

During his years in the house, however, Whitman only earned an estimated $1,300, of which only $20 came from royalties from Leaves of Grass and about $350 came from new works. The majority of his earnings were donations from admirers and well-wishers.

Source: Wikipedia

The Walt Whitman house is now run by the NJ Department of Parks and Forests.


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