Haddon Bindery Fire - 2008-04-07

The Haddon Bindery was located on Linden Street, occupying two large buildings. The first building, located at 1104-1120 Linden Street, used to be the Studebaker Garage in 1924, while a series of row homes ran from 1154 to 1194 Linden Street. By 1929, the garage closed, and the homes were demolished to make way for the construction of the Admiral Wilson Boulevard.

In 1942, John Esak established the Haddon Bindery using a newly built factory building located at 1136-1156 Linden Street, which was connected to the old garage at 1104-1120 Linden Street. Esak ran the business until the mid-1970s and had an apartment built into the premises.

Unfortunately, rising costs left Esak unable to make payments on a business loan from a New York-based firm, forcing him to close the bindery. The assets were sold off, and apart from a brief period in the late 1970s when the building was reopened as a farmer’s market-style retail center, the buildings remained vacant.

On Sunday, April 6, 2008, a three-alarm fire broke out in the 1136-1156 Linden Street building, devastating the old Haddon Bindery.

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    The Haddon Bindery stood in two large buildings at 1104-1120 and 1136-1156 Linden Street, until it was destroyed by fire in April of 2008.

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