West Jersey Ferry (aka Market Street Ferry)

West Jersey Ferry (aka Market Street Ferry) Depot, Circa 1895

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    Edward Jubb

    Edward Jubb, born in 1865 according to family sources and his Philadelphia Inquirer obituary, was one of at least 8 children in the Jubb family. In the 1860 Census, the Jubbs were residing in Evesham Township. The 1870 Census suggests Edward Jubb’s birth as closer to 1860. At that time, he lived with his parents,…

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    As a Democrat, Browning served as a delegate from New Jersey to the Democratic National Convention in 1864.

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  • Ferries Across the Delaware – Tracking History

    Ferries Across the Delaware – Tracking History

    One report shows that 61 people perished in the fire and 30 had survived. Others were reported either unaccounted for or missing.

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  • State Street

    State Street

    In response to petitions from citizens, the State Legislature and County Freeholders authorized the building of a bridge and an extension of State Street to connect with Federal Street.

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  • Camden County Courthouse

    Camden County Courthouse

    The selection of a site in Camden opened up another controversy: It was believed that the location of the Court House would have a large influence in ferry usage.

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