1936 Camden Phone Directory

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The following is an excert from Phil Cohen:

I obtained this directory on eBay. It was pretty badly deteriorated then, but given that there were no City Directories published for Camden between 1931 and 1940, I felt that is quite important to get hold of this one…. it being the only source of WHO WAS WHERE in Camden in those intervening years. While far from a complete list, as home telephone usage was by no means universal, in fact it was a fraction of what it was in 1956 and a TINY fraction of what it is today, having an incomplete listing is a lot better than having no listing at all. The problem was, the pages were crumbling, and every time I opened it up I risked losing pieces of pages. I decided to scan it. A slow process on a home scanner. Five years ago I was working and had access to a high speed copier that could create PDFs. Not so today. A decision had to be made. I have scanned all the White Pages listings for the Camden District which included the towns of Runnemede, Barrington, and Lawnside, the Ashland section of Voorhees Township and the western areas of Delaware Township (present-day Cherry Hill). Gloucester Township, Magnolia, and towns east were in other districts, and I have not scanned them, at this time they are not a priority as I am Camden-oriented and I have too many irons on the fire right now. There is, however a 96 page “Yellow pages”… the Classified Telephone Directory. The pages were not yellow originally, however, after 78 years ALL the pages in this book have yellowed with age.

Phil Cohen, 2015

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