The Year 1846 – Camden, NJ

Camden, NJ's first City Hall built in 1844

SPAN OF A CENTURY, 1828-1928


Compiled from notes and data collected by Charles S. Boyer, President Camden County Historical Society. Published by Centennial Anniversary Committee of Camden, New Jersey. Additional Photos and Notes by Phillip Cohen in 2003.

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The First Presbyterian Church effected a permanent organization on June 25, 1846. The West Jersey Presbytery had organized the church on September 27, 1840, but owing to a lack of funds to build a church edifice the project was temporarily abandoned in December of 1841. The first place of worship was in the old City Hall on Federal Street above Fourth. The cornerstone of the first church was laid October 28, 1946, and the building was located on the east side of Fifth street between Market and Cooper. This edifice was used by the congregation until a church at Fifth and Penn streets was erected.

The cornerstone of that building was laid on June 22, 1871 and the building was dedicated on June 1, 1873. The tall spire on the original church was taken down in April of 1912. The First Presbyterian Church combined with the Second Presbyterian Church on March 25, 1923, and the Calvary Presbyterian Church also became a part of this congregation on June 22, 1924.

The Camden County Medical Society was formed on May 12, 1846.

Edward Browning & Brothers erected a steam plaster mill at the foot of Market Street in March of 1846.


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