$100 in Gems Stolen from Apartment

Camden Courier-Post – February 7, 1938

Theft at 418 Broadway Reported to Police; other Homes Robbed

Two garages and several homes were entered over the weekend by thieves who escaped with cash, jewelry, and other articles.

Theft of jewelry valued at $100 and a $5 note were reported to police last night by Mrs. Bernard Heidrich, of 418 Broadway. Mrs. Heidrich told City Detective Harry Kyler she and her husband returned home after an absence of nine hours and discovered a door leading to their second-floor apartment had been jimmied. Among the articles reported stolen were a bracelet, a brooch and a ring.

Kyler reported an attempt had been made to gain entrance to the office of Dr. C. C. Eppleman in the same building. A panel was forced in a door, Kyler said.

Walter T. Ridgeway, of 924 Penn Street, reported the theft of a heater and radio speaker from his automobile while it was parked in his garage on Twelfth Street near Lawrence. Ridgeway said the lock on the garage had been forced.

Jacob Fine, of 1700 Master Street, told police three boys walked into his store and escaped with 10 cartons of cigarettes.

Jennie Finkel, of 2615 Westfield Avenue, said $25 had been stolen from a bureau drawer in her apartment. No marks of forced entry could be found.

The lock, key, auto jack and two one-gallon cans of anti-freeze were stolen from a garage used by George Firth, 540 Stevens Street, Firth told police. The articles were valued at $5.


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