25 Camden Boys to Be Guests of Health Farm at Millington

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Camden Courier-Post – June 12, 1933

Dr. Stone Says Arrangements Have Been Completed to Send Delegation From July 1 to 15

Camden city’s health camp will not open this summer, but 25 boys will have an outing for two weeks as guests at the Bonnie Brae Farm for Boys at Millington, above Somerville.

Dr. A. L. Stone, city health director, said arrangements have been completed to send the boys to the farm from July 1 to 15. Their ages are from nine to fifteen.

“It is indeed fortunate that the boys may be sent to the farm, in view of the non-opening this year of the summer health camp for children in the Alberta Woods, East Camden,” Dr. Stone said. We cannot reopen the city camp because we have no funds.”

Dr. Stone said that with the exception of two, all the boys have been chosen for the vacation. The list of names and addresses will be announced next week. Bonnie Brae is maintained by private contributions. The Camden city boys are being there through the efforts of Mrs. Edythe J. Michell, a social case worker for the farm and former supervisor for the Camden city emergency relief administration. Mrs. Michell interested former Judge Harry V. Osborne, president of the farm, in the Camden children, and he readily agreed to receiving them as guests for two weeks.

The boys were chosen by visitors for the city relief organization. They were examined by physicians of the Camden County Tuberculosis Association and will be immunized against diphtheria by Dr. Stone before they leave.

Arthur Taylor, in charge of work relief in the city emergency relief administration has been offered complete vacation outfits for the boys, including clothing and toilet articles, and transportation for them by the Public Service Post of the American Legion.

Dr. and Mrs. Stone are attending a luncheon this afternoon at Bonnie Brae, when the city relief director will attend to all other details pertaining to the approaching vacation of the Camden boys.


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