Arrest in Court Ends 2-Year Hunt

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Camden Courier-Post – June 3, 1933

Visitor at Hearings Before, Pancoast Jailed for Failure to Pay Fine

The urge which prompted Albert Barlow, 37, of 755 Spruce Street, to visit police court yesterday as a spectator landed him in the county jail as a prisoner.

Sought for more than two years on charges of failing to pay installments of a $200 fine imposed when he was found guilty of a liquor law violation, Barlow a former city employee, was arrested by Clifford Schemely, county probation officer.

Schemely was notified that Barlow was in court by Lieutenant Ralph Bakley, of the second district, who saw him sitting in a front row of the courtroom just before the hearings started.

Bakley knew there was a warrant out for Barlow but he was not in possession of it at the time so the police official telephoned Schemeley from Police Judge Garfield Pancoast‘s office.

The probation officer hurried to the courtroom armed with a copy of the warrant, served it on him and led him from the courtroom just as Judge Pancoast entered the room to open the hearings.

Schemeley said that Barlow was arrested in February, 1931, and was fined $200 by Common Pleas Judge Samuel M. Shay. He was ordered to pay the fine in installments, Schemeley said, but he disappeared on March 23 of the same year.

Barlow was placed in a cell at the county jail and will be arraigned before Judge Shay next week.


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