Garfield S. Pancoast

Garfield S Pancoast - 1933-05-12

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Pancoast welcomed their son Garfield S. Pancoast into the world in December 1880. In 1900, Garfield was living at 323 Wood Street in Vineland NJ with his widowed father and younger brother Cleveland Pancoast, as recorded in the Census.

Garfield Pancoast practiced law in Camden, and by January of 1920, he was serving as a Judge in the area, a position he held until the 1930s. The 1920 Census reveals that he lived with his wife, Fannie Rood, and their two children, Dorothy (7) and Garfield Siebert Pancoast (5) at 207 Graisbury Avenue. Later on, the family relocated to a newly constructed home at 234 Morse Street in East Camden in the 1920s, where they stayed until February 1933.

In 1919, Garfield Pancoast served as Exalted Ruler of Camden Lodge 293 of the Benevolent Protective Order of Elks.

Garfield Pancoast remained a Judge in Camden until at least July 1934. However, the Pancoast family left Camden before 1947. Garfield Pancoast died in his sleep on November 20, 1947, at 5120 Greene Street in the Germantown section of Philadelphia. He was buried at Siloam Cemetery in Vineland NJ.

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