Camden Centennial Will Start Feb. 13

Camden Centennial will Start Feb 13. Week of Celebration at City's Convention Hall to Mark Anniversary

Camden Courier-Post – January 28, 1928

Week of Celebration at City’s Convention Hall to Mark Anniversary

Camden’s centennial will be observed during the week of February 13.

That announcement was made today by Frank Albright, chairman of the committee in charge to commemorate the hundredth anniversary of the incorporation of Camden as a city.

Most of the events on the program will be held in the Convention Hall and its annex.

The celebration will get under way with a mass-meeting in Convention Hall. Addresses [sic] will be delivered by Governor Moore, Senator Edge and Congressman Wolverton, according to tentative plans.

Pageantry depicting the early life of Camden will feature the evening celebrations of Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The first episode will be the landing of William Cooper at Pyne Point.

Many offers are pouring in to the committee for the loan of colonial furniture, books, maps, manuscripts, and other old-time relics of interest. These objects will be exhibited both at the Convention Hall and at the headquarters of the Camden County Historical Society, in the restored Joseph Cooper mansion at Park boulevard and Euclid avenue. The Historical Society original proposed the centennial.

Articles manufactured in Camden will be on display in shop windows throughout the city during Centennial Week. Arrangements for this exhibition are being made by the Retail Merchants Bureau of the Camden Chamber of Commerce.

Camden manufacturers that have expressed a desire to co-operate in the exhibition are the Armstrong Cork Company, Campbells Soup Company, Congress Cigar Company, Concrete Specialties Company, Charles K. Cook Co., Fleck Brothers, Highland Shaker Sweater Company, John Evans Company, Haddon Craftsmen’s Co., Himmelein and Bailey, Inc., William S. Scull Co. and the J. B. Vansciver Company.


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