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Feedwater Heater - AI Stock Photo
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Work and Growth

When I arrived at the mill office, the manager greeted me with a good deal of profanity, ending—’So you are the boy who invented this thing, are you? It is the worst contraption that ever came into this place.’

Knox Gelatine Dainty Desserts - Salads - Candies
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Knox Gelatine Company

Knox Gelatin Co., originally known as the Landesman Co., had its beginnings in early 20th-century Camden, at 4th and Erie streets.

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City Industry – Tracking History

Just 100 years ago Camden was a thriving, prosperous industrial metropolis and the future looked bright for this river city.

800 Block of Cooper Street, Camden, NJ - 1893. The house on the left is 804 Cooper Street, which was the David Baird family home from the 1890's until October 1936. Prior to that, it was built and owned by E. N. Cohn.
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Old Cooper Street

Reprinted from the series of stories of Camden’s earlier days, under the title Sixty Years in Camden County – Gosh! by Will Paul, appearing in The Community news, of Merchantville, NJ.

Arthur C. Dorrance
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Arthur C. Dorrance

Inspired by his brother’s success at Campbell Soup, Arthur joined the company and became an integral part of its growth and transformation. Driven by his entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen, he played a pivotal role in expanding Campbell Soup’s reach and solidifying its position as a household name worldwide.

John T. Dorrance, inventor of condensed soup and making Campbell Soup a household name.
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John T. Dorrance

Dr. John Dorrance invented condensed soup, propelling Campbell Soup to global recognition, leading the company until his death in 1930.

Charles B Helm - 1931
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Charles B. Helm

Doctor Charles Blaine Helm was born in Camden in 1884. He was a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine in 1906 and later owner of the Camden basketball teams.

Jersey Joe Walcott
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Arnold R. Cream (aka Jersey Joe Walcott)

Arnold Raymond Cream on January 31, 1914, outside of Camden NJ, later known as boxer Jersey Joe Walcott.

John Tisa
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John Tisa

John Tisa was a member of the Young People’s Socialist League, the Socialist Party and various other movements, including leading union strikes in Camden.

Perry Street, Jane Street, Ringold Street, Camden, NJ. Based on Sanborn Map in 1906
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Perry Street

PERRY STREET was a small road that ran from 1044 Line south for one block to Pine.

The Hurley Store on Broadway, a great big structure conducted on progressive lines as is proven by the manner in which the buying public bestows its patronage. The Hurley service has become a byword with thousands of South Jersey families. its occupants.
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Various industries in Camden, circa 1929

The original Cooper Cooper Hospital 1887, opened 10 years after it was built
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The Cooper Hospital (via Camden County Medical Society)

The founding of a hospital for care of the sick and injured in Camden had long been a project in mind for Dr. Richard M. Cooper.