Camden Concern Sees Gain in Orders

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Camden Courier-Post – October 22, 1931

Storm Sash and Insulating Board Sold in Increasing Number

With cold weather just around the corner, one Camden concern anticipates a rush of orders soon for storm sash and insulating board.

With a steadily increasing number of householders becoming acquainted with the merits of storm sash in keeping out cold drafts and consequently cutting down coal bills, the company has shown a steady gain in orders the last few years.

Because it has been convincingly demonstrated that there is a big heat loss through the roof and side walls of even a well constructed building, if the roof and walls are not insulated, the DuBell Lumber Co. also is distributor in Camden and vicinity for Masonite, a board made from fibre.

By the use of Masonite insulation in the roof and side walls, it is possible to eliminate a large part of this heat loss, so that fuel costs in many cases, may be reduced from 25 to 40 percent.

One factor which has helped bring business to the DuBell Co. is its small order department. By maintaining a special service for those who need only a small quantity of lumber, the firm has added scores of new accounts to its books.

Six big sheds house the firm’s stock, in the yards at Eighteenth and Federal Streets. All kinds of inside millwork, as well as lumber for outside purposes is handled by the company.


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