Camden Home for Friendless Children Fund

Camden Democrat – July 18,1874

The Camden Home for Friendless Children — The committee on collections for the Building Fund, have great pleasure in acknowledging the receipt of the following contributions:

Wm. Groves, $50; sundries, by Wm. Curtiss, $20.15; Adams Express Co. by Thomas Fitzgerald, $20; B. F. Davis, $10; F. Bourquin, $10; Thos Fitzgerald, $5; Rufus Hill, $5; John P. Harker, $2; Mrs. L’Esperance, $2, sundries, $3. Others of our friends who have received circulars, or those who may have been omitted unintentionally, but who appreciate this effort, we hope will give to use, speedily, the opportunity of acknowledging the receipt of their offerings to this good and important work. James H. Stevens, Cashier, 1st Nat. Bank, Camden, E. G. Catltel, Merchantville, R. Bingham, 637 Cooper street, Camden; Wm. Curtis, 205 Pearl street, Camden; S. H. Grey, 104 Market street, Camden; Charles Rhodes, Haddonfield; J. D. Reinboth, 207 Cooper Street, Camden, committee.

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