Camden Man Shot Lincoln’s Slayer

Philadelphia Inquirer – February 13, 1903

Boston Corbett, Who Killed Wilkes Booth, Remembered by Many Old Residents of the City

To the minds of many of Camden’s older residents the birthday of Abraham Lincoln recalled the day’s years ago when they had within their midst Boston Corbett, the man who bore the distinction of having laid low John Wilkes Booth, the murderer of the martyred President, when he was making a break for liberty from the burning barn in Virginia. Corbett was a familiar figure in the southern section of Camden, where he conducted a mission attended principally by children. He had the mission at Third and Pine streets, and he was much beloved by the juvenile attendants.

The birthday of Lincoln was observed in Camden yesterday by a general display of flags. Schools and banks were closed, and in some instances industrial plants shut down for half a day.

Last night the Camden Republican Club gave its annual Lincoln Day dinner. Many prominent men were present. Judge C. V. D. Joline was the orator of the occasion.

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