Camden News

Philadelphia Inquirer – July 28, 1887

Resignation of a Pastor, Meeting of a Council Committee and Other Items.

Rev. E. V. Glover, for many years pastor of the Alloways Baptist Church, has resigned.

Mary Allen Gatley, of Gloucester City, was committed yesterday on a charge of marital infidelity by Mayor O’Kane, of that place.

Jail Warden Samuel Alcott, of Camden, yesterday took Daniel Quinn, a 10 year-old into the Reform school. He was sentenced to that institution last week by Judge Hugg for larceny.

Squire Snyder, of Gloucester City, yesterday committed John Harvin and John McAnny to the county jail to answer a charge of felonious assault on Mary Devlin, a Philadelphia girl, who was visiting Gloucester on Sunday.

John Curran, a young man who claims to reside at Bridgeton, was captured by Constable Bates yesterday as he was walking across a field near Winslow. The officer examined a sack which the man was carrying on his shoulders, and found it to contain articles stolen from Tillyer & Brothers’ store at that place a few weeks ago—a revolver, matches and a half burned candle were also found in the bag. The prisoner is locked up at the City Hall, Camden, awaiting a hearing.

Magistrate Cassady yesterday held John Carver, Sr., in $1500 bail and John Carver, Jr., Terrence Carver and James S. Malone each in $1000 bail on the charge of assaulting Farmer William C. Wood and his son, a young man of 19, on the 17th instant.

Mayor Pratt last night held Jacob Bendinger, a saloon keeper on Market street, below Second, Camden, in $100 bail for trial on Wednesday, as alleged for selling liquor with…

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