Camden’s News Budget

Philadelphia Inquirer – February 15, 1889

Miss Annie Eisenhardt, the young nurse who was assaulted in the Cooper Hospital about two weeks ago, has fully recovered and will probably leave the institution this or next week. Whether Miss Eisenhardt will leave on her own account or whether she has been requested to resign is not known, although it is believed that she has been ordered to resign.

Frederick Brown, alias Eckert, who was taken to Trenton last week to serve a sentence of two years and six months for burglary, has confessed that he and Frank Peters robbed the safe of Betts & Kelly and stole a check and some valuable papers.

The jury in the case of Charles Thompson vs Josiah Holliday yesterday returned a verdict in favor of the plaintiff for $5.

Mrs. Priscella Green, a lady 30 years of age, living in the neighborhood of the West Jersey Railroad at Union, in Gloucester county, was run over by a train yesterday morning and literally cut to pieces.

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