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The Camden Mystery

Was she or wasn’t she? On January 26, 1889 nurse Annie Eisenhardt was found cut and bleeding in a restroom at Cooper Hospital. Her tale of what had happened to her and the physical evidence were in conflict, and it appears that her wounds were self-inflicted. Or were they?

Besides Nurse Eisenhardt, other significant players in the story include Dr. Harry Jarrett of Cooper Hospital, Camden Chief of Police Samuel Dodd, Camden Mayor Jesse Pratt, Cooper Hospital night watchman Samuel Ellis, and Camden County prosecutor Wilson H. Jenkins.

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  • Assaulting the Nurse

    Assaulting the Nurse

    Annie Eisenhardt, a nurse in the Cooper Hospital, in Camden, N.J., was found lying unconscious in a pool of blood on the second floor of the building, in the bathroom, about 1 o’clock this morning, after being murderously assaulted by a man, who apparently escaped from the building through the window, by means of a…

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  • The Camden Mystery.

    The Camden Mystery.

    Although it has been two days since Annie Eisenhardt, the night nurse of the Cooper Hospital, Camden, was murderously assaulted in the bath room of that institution, the police are as much mystified as to who the fiend was as ever.

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  • In White Chapel Style

    In White Chapel Style

    In White Chapel Style. Camden, NJ. January 26 – Miss Annie Eisenhart is the head nurse at the Cooper Hospital. Shortly after one o’clock this morning she was tending patients in the male ward on the second floor, and started to the bath-room for some hot water to wet a bandage. Just as she was…

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  • Night Nurse Will Recover

    Night Nurse Will Recover

    The physicians say that Annie Eisenhart, the night nurse in the Cooper hospital at Camden, who was assaulted, will recover. There is still no clew to her assailant. She has repeated her first story of the assault in substantially the same words. She accurately describes her assailant, and is confident she could identify him. She…

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  • The Camden Mystery

    The Camden Mystery

    Miss Annie Eisenhardt, the injured nurs [sic] at the Cooper Hospital, made an important admission yesterday to Doctor Farrett, the resident physician. She admits that the mysterious man who slashed her on Saturday morning had also criminally assaulted her. She steadfastly declared that she did not know who her assailant was.

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  • The Nurse Inflicted Her Own Injuries

    The Nurse Inflicted Her Own Injuries

    Philadelphia, Jan. 31—It is now the popular belief that the Camden hospital nurse, Annie Eisenhart, inflicted her own injuries. She adheres to her original statement that some strange man assaulted her, but there are many contradictions in her various statements. A physician who made an examination says she was not criminally assaulted.

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