Children at Camden Home Have Big Time in Wading Pool

Youngsters at the Camden Home for Friendless Children yesterday attended "en masse" the opening of the wading pool at the home's playground. More than 50 of the "swimmers" are shown above as they, romped in the cooling waters.

Camden Courier-Post – June 30, 1933

Bathing Place, Given by Citizens Officially Opened Four Youthful Charges, Left Motherless, to Return to Father

Bathing in the backyard is a privilege of the children of the Camden Home for Friendless Children that is enjoyed by few of the other youngsters in the city. Yesterday, 63 of the little charges of the institution romped and played in the newly opened wading pool in the home playground.

Built by contributions of residents of the city, the pool was officially opened yesterday for the first time this season to the delight of the children whose gay laughter and shouts resounded throughout the grounds.

The children, whose ages range from 4, to 12, finished their school term last Friday and are now on “vacation” during which time they are taken for sight-seeing trips and picnics by civic club groups and individuals.

Included among the recent outings given the children was a trip to the Philadelphia Zoological Gardens under auspices of the Camden Kiwanis Club. Plans are now complete for a picnic at Berlin Park under direction of Rev. George Yard and members of the First Methodist Episcopal Church.

Six of the children, some of whom have been at the home for more than six years, will leave the institution within the next few days. Four of those are returning to their father who was left with the motherless group upon the death of his wife:

Not all of the home inmates were among the “waders” at the pool yesterday. Five charges are but infants who are occupants of the “baby house,” and were unable to join the crowd.

The children who are under direction of Miss E. R. Schofield, superintendent of the home, apparently enjoy the period of vacation equally as much as youngsters whose parents take them to seashore or mountains, with the older children of the group acting as embryonic “dads” and mothers to the smaller inmates.

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