City Alerted on Electric Inspectors

Camden Courier-Post – Unknown Date

Phonies Afoot

Camden residents were cautioned today by Patrick J. Sullivan, chief of the City Electrical Bureau, to be wary of persons who represent themselves as electrical inspectors.

Sullivan said he had been receiving complaints from local residents who have been approached by representatives of a Philadelphia concern, which is not licensed to solicit or do any electrical work int he city.

The Camden chief said he had notified T. Harry Rowland, head of the Fraud Division of the prosecutor’s office and Rowland had investigated the complaints and warned the Philadelphia firm to stay out of Camden.

Forced Way Into Homes

Both Sullivan and Rowland said that several homeowners have reported that agents of the Philadelphia company have practically forced themselves into their homes with the excuse that they are making a bona fide electrical survey.

In one case, according to Sullivan, after such a survey was made, the householder was told that it would cost $495 to have the electrical system repaired. He was told that if he did not have the work done immediately, the house might burn down and that an unfavorable report from the alleged inspector could result int he home owner’s insurance company cancelling his policy.

Fair Price is $150

Sullivan added that the average maximum cost for such electrical installation by a licensed contractor would be approximately $150. The alleged inspector had quoted the price as $495 with interest charges amounting to $104 more.

“We don’t want the people of Camden to be duped by such misrepresentation,” said Sullivan. “I am urging all homeowners to check with the city electrical bureau or the police department if they are approached by such an agent.”

He added that no inspections have been authorized by the Camden bureau, the National Board of Fire Underwriters or Public Service Electric Co.

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