Philadelphia Inquirer – January 9, 1871

Sheriff Morgan, of Camden county, has had William Abels, Frank Jones and John Mauderfield, arrested on the charge of conspiracy. They are members of the Camden Paid Fire Department, Mr. Abels being Chief Engineer. From evidence at the hearing before Justice Cassaday on Friday, it appears that the glass factory belonging to the Rosenbaum estate and Malaga, had been sold by the sheriff, and Mr. Morgan, of Camden, had purchased them. The works were placed in charge of an agent, who was directed to keep them closed until the matter was legally settled, and watch them carefully day and night.

Three or four weeks ago, it is alleged, the defendant went down in the afternoon train to a point a short distance from Malaga, when they got out and met two other men, who, understanding the matter, were to guide them. They then walked into Malaga, and about twelve o’clock on that night, having received reinforcements, went to the glass factory, it is charged, forcibly ejected the two men who had it in charge, and then broke the pots. They placed Mr. Rosenbaum in possession of the works, and were afterwards driven across the country about fourteen miles to Winslow Station, on the Atlantic road. They were held — Abels in $1,000, and two others in $500 each — for a further hearing to-day. Several others are implicated in the affair.

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