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  • William Abels

    William Abels

    WILLIAM ABELS was born in Pennsylvania around 1839 to Andrew and Sarah Abels. His family was living in Wilmington in 1850. After leaving Wilmington they moved around the country, residing at times in Camden, Philadelphia, Delaware, and Mobile, Alabama. William Abels began working with volunteer fire companies in around 1853 and helped form the first…

  • William Abels Obituary

    William Abels Obituary

    Philadelphia Inquirer – June 21, 1899 ABELS – At Interlaken, NJ on June 17, 1899, William Abels. The relatives and friends of the family are invited to attend the funeral, on Wednesday afternoon, at 2 o’clock, from the residence of his son-in-law, Joseph H. Sweeten, No. 104 North Sixth street, Camden, N.J. Interment private, at…

  • Firemen Own Stockton

    Firemen Own Stockton

    Philadelphia Inquirer – November 26, 1897 Representative firemen from New Jersey and Pennsylvania owned the Town of Stockton yesterday and the Knights of the Golden Eagle joined them in the annual Thanksgiving demonstration of the Volunteer Fire Department of the town.

  • Postal Inspector Hurt

    Postal Inspector Hurt

    Philadelphia Inquirer – January 14, 1885 Post Office Agent Barrett was alarmed on Saturday by receiving a telegram requesting him to meet at the depot Postal Inspector William Abels, then on his way from Reading, and believed to have been attacked and badly hurt. Mr. Barrett accordingly met Mr, Abels at the 5.30 train, and…

  • Over the River

    Over the River

    Philadelphia Inquirer – April 9, 1880 An adjourned meeting of Camden City Council was held yesterday afternoon at half past four o’clock for the purpose of acting on and disposing of miscellaneous business, President Abels in the chair. On roll call nineteen members answered to their names.

  • Over the River

    Over the River

    Philadelphia Inquirer – March 16, 1878 The annual meeting of Camden City Council was held last evening for the purpose of organizing for the years 1878-9.

  • Conspiracy


    Sheriff Morgan has had William Abels, Frank Jones and John Mauderfield, arrested on the charge of conspiracy.

  • Indigent and Disabled Firemen

    Indigent and Disabled Firemen

    A bill has been introduced into the New jersey Legislature authorizing the establishment of a fund for the relief of indigent and disabled firemen in Camden, and their families, if in necessitous circumstances.

  • Inception of the First Paid Fire Department in the US

    Inception of the First Paid Fire Department in the US

    On June 7, 1866 Camden’s City Council enacted an ordinance reorganizing the volunteer fire service to improve efficiency in operations. This ordinance provided for increased compensation to the fire companies (Weccacoe and Independence got $800 per annum to be paid quarterly, the Weccacoe and Shiffler Hose companies and the United States Fire Company received $200…