Cramer Opens Door to Newspapermen; Controversy Over

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Camden Courier-Post – June 8, 1933

Dr. Stone Insists on Clear Division of Authority In City, County Relief


With peace restored in the Camden County Emergency Relief Administration yesterday, Director Wayland P. Cramer announced he would grant interviews to newspapermen.

This turnabout marks the end of a week’s campaign of evasion, during which Cramer frequently refused to discuss affairs of his bureau with reporters.

Dr. Arthur L. Stone, director of the city Emergency Relief Administration, resumed his duties following withdrawal of his resignation written at the request of Cramer, who submitted it to John Colt, director of the state emergency relief administration.

‘Perfect Understanding’

War was on,” Cramer told a Courier reporter, “but peace has been restored and I shall grant personal interviews to newspapermen from now on.

“I believe Dr. Stone now fully understands the situation on relief which he had previously stated he didn’t understand. There is now a perfect understanding on city and county relief among Dr. Stone, Mr. Colt and me.”

Cramer was asked whether the conference with Colt would result in any change of policies within the city or county relief departments.

“Mr. Colt,” said Cramer, “has his eye on Camden and is taking a personal interest in the city relief administration. Of course, we shall acquiesce to any of Mr. Colt’s requests concerning administration. No relief applicants in Camden will suffer by reason of the controversy between Dr. Stone and me.”

Stone Demands Clear Status

Dr. Stone plainly stated that he would continue as municipal director only in the event he and Colt come to an agreement on the divisions of authority between his department and Cramer’s.

“The trouble,” said Dr. Stone, “was due to a clash of personalities over how city relief was to be administered. Mr. Colt has agreed to send a representative to Camden to supervise the setting up of a city relief organization that will relieve me of some of the supervisory problems. I am interested solely in the human side of relief.”

“I want to make sure that the City of Camden, in the administration of this relief office, gets due credit from the state for the $70,000 the city donates annually to two hospitals, and other contributions.”


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