Drunks Were Scarce

Camden Daily Telegram – October 31, 1898

Drunks were scarce in this city Saturday and yesterday and as a result the police had little to do. Richard Fowler, a respectable looking old gentleman who claimed Philadelphia as his home, was one of the unfortunate. He was picked up by Officer Hovis on Saturday, being to drunk to care for himself. He was unable to account for his presence in this city and as he appeared sorry for his actions, the Recorder allowed him to go this morning.

John Burdsall, of Gloucester, met some friends on Saturday night and got loaded, so much so in fact, that he was unable to stand and fell in the street, doing considerable damage to his face. Sergeant Albert rent him to the City Hall and this morning the Recorder suspended sentence, Burdsall having a family to support.

Annie Joyce, who says that Hall Officer Boyle in just the right thing, paid a flying visit to this city on Saturday and flew until she alighted in a City Hall coop. Her heart disease story was listened to again this morning by the Recorder and for the next ten days she will be under the care of County Physician Jones.

Nelson Hart, without a home, arrested for drunkenness, will have all the comfort of home life with the Sheriff for the next ten days.

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