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  • Boy’s Brutal Murderer Collapses At Hearing

    Boy’s Brutal Murderer Collapses At Hearing

    Coursey Breaks Down While Story of Cold-Blooded Killing of Karl Kellmann is Told by Detective; Two ‘Pals,’ Too, Accused of Crime Collapsing when arraigned in Police Court this morning before Recorder Stackhouse on the charge of killing Karl Kellman, aged 18 years, of 2919 High Street, at Twenty-seventh and Sherman streets, shortly before midnight Saturday,…

  • Drunks Were Scarce

    Drunks Were Scarce

    Camden Daily Telegram – October 31, 1898 Drunks were scarce in this city Saturday and yesterday and as a result the police had little to do. Richard Fowler, a respectable looking old gentleman who claimed Philadelphia as his home, was one of the unfortunate. He was picked up by Officer Hovis on Saturday, being to…