Fake ‘Floyd Gibbons’ Seeks Freedom Here

Judge Gavel and Book Stock Photo

Camden Courier-Post – October 13, 1931

Counsel for Henry Luellowitz, 28, of Los Angeles, who was arrested here last June after posing as Floyd Gibbons, will seek his freedom from the county jail today in application for a writ of habeas corpus before Judge Samuel M. Shay.

Frank Lario, attorney representing Luellowitz, said yesterday he would seek the writ on the ground there is no proof that his client aided and abetted in the escape of Albert Rumford, alleged bandit, from the jail several weeks ago. Sheriff E. Frank Pine charged Luellowitz sang and made other noises near Rumford’s cell to prevent jailors from hearing hacksaw blades the fugitive used.

Luellowitz was ordered by Police Judge Garfield Pancoast to pay $100 fine or spend three months in the county jail for posing as Gibbons, the famous radio entertainer. Luellowitz has been in the jail since June 13. His term on the city charged ended September 12, but there are two detainers against him, one placed by Prosecutor Clifford A. Baldwin on Sheriff Pine’s charge, and the other from Connecticut, where he is charged with failing to pay a hotel bill.


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