Henry Magin Funeral

Camden Times – August 29, 1941

Funeral services for City Commissioner Henry Magin were held Tuesday, with many officials and colleagues in veteran’s and fraternal circles participating.

Commissioner Magin, who was 44, and head of the Public Works Department of Camden, died suddenly Friday, just as he had finished talking to an official. As he fell he was caught in the arms of James Carr, of the Highway Department.

Services were conducted in the city commission chambers of the City Hall, and were in the charge of Rev. Dr. W. W. Ridgeway, pastor of St. Wilfred’s Episcopal Church, Westfield Avenue and Dudley Streets, East Camden.

Fully 8,000 persons viewed the remains Monday night as the body lay in state in the City Hall, and Mayor Brunner gave a half holiday to all city employees so they could attend the funeral service.

Magin was a veteran of the World War and was injured during action on the other side.

The casket was carried by war veteran associates of the public works director, who died from a heart attack Friday. A color guard from the Veterans of Foreign Wars and the American Legion preceded the casket, followed by the four remaining members of the city commission, Mayor George E. Brunner and Commissioners E. George Aaron, Mrs. Mary W. Kobus and David S. Rhone.

A guard of honor lined both sides of City Hall steps, 22 policemen on one side and 22 firemen on the other, representing Magin’s age, 44 years.

Interment was made in the National Cemetery, at Beverly, N.J. Harry Leonard, 2750 Federal Street, had charge of the funeral.


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