In White Chapel Style

Wheeling, West Virginia Register – January 28, 1889

A Fiendish Assault on the Cooper Hospital Nurse.

Camden, NJ. January 26 – Miss Annie Eisenhart is the head nurse at the Cooper Hospital. Shortly after one o’clock this morning she was tending patients in the male ward on the second floor, and started to the bath-room for some hot water to wet a bandage. Just as she was entering the bath-room, a man stepped from behind the door and grasped her by the wrist, saying, “I want some money.” She replied that she had no money, but said she would give him her watch. The man replied that he did not want that, and then, snatching a towel, put it around her neck and began choking her. She screamed and the man pulled the towel tighter, and then secured her wrists and ankles with a heavy cord. After attempting to assault her he drew a long knife and cut off her hair, which was found on the floor in her lace cap, saturated with blood. After stabbing her repeatedly he left her in a dying condition.

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