Injured Players to be Feted by Dooley A.A.

Injury Stock Photo

Camden Courier-Post – February 8, 1933

All plans have been completed for the dance and floor show to be held Saturday by the Dooley Athletic Association, which will turn the proceeds over to the football players who were injured while playing with the South Camden club last Fall.

The affair will be at the Licata ballroom, 417-19-21 Walnut Street. The Columbia Recording Orchestra will furnish the musical program. Walt Stanton, vaudeville performer, will be master of ceremonies. A vaudeville bill, headed by the Two Jays, will be presented.

The Young Men’s Republican Club of Camden county will pay tribute to the injured players. Officers are James T. Scarduzio, president; Louis Bush, vice president; Ralph Vitolo, secretary, and Albert Di Giacomo, treasurer.

Members of the committee are Anthony Jennetta, chairman; Thomas L. Griffith, Harry Powers, Adam Slovick, Joseph Gentile and Theodore Messaro.

A contest, closing March 24, will be held to obtain a slogan for the Dooley A. A. Fifteen prizes will be awarded. Further details about the contest will be announced at the dance.


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