Walnut Street


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  • Joint Street (aka Joint Alley)

    Joint Street (aka Joint Alley)

    Joint Street, formerly known as Joint Alley, is a one-block street that extends east from South 3rd to South 4th Street, nestled between Spruce and Walnut Streets.

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  • Raymond T. Amos

    Raymond T. Amos

    RAYMOND T. AMOS was born in Frankford, Delaware on December 28, 1905 to Albert and Catherine Amos. His father was a minister. The family had moved to Camden by the summer of 1910 and taken up residence at 1004 Central Avenue.

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  • Eugene F. Alston

    Eugene F. Alston

    EUGENE F. ALSTON was born October 16, 1919 in Camden to Richard Alston and his wife, the former Dolly Robinson. His father had been born in 1891 in Henderson, North Carolina. Richard Alston was working as a laborer at the Victor Talking Machine Company in June of 1917, and had married. Mr. and Mrs. Alston…

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  • Walnut Street

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  • 13 Given Oath at City Hall as New Firemen

    13 Given Oath at City Hall as New Firemen

    Thirteen new firemen were sworn in today by Safety Director E. George Aaron in ceremonies at City Hall.

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  • Take Me Out to the Ball Game

    Take Me Out to the Ball Game

    TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALL GAME” was the theme song of 1500 girls and boys who were guests of Deputy Public Affairs Director Edward C. Garrity at the Phillies-Giants game today. Alongside Garrity, who is handing a bag of peanuts to Joseph Foster, 639 Walnut Street, are William W. Logan, municipal welfare director; Frank…

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