Light Plant Bill Submitted to PWA

Camden Courier-Post – February 1, 1938

Federal Aides Asked to study Burling Measure for Camden Utility

City Commissioner Hartmann yesterday sent State Senator Burling’s bill to enable Camden to borrow money for construction of a light plant to Dr. Clark Foreman, PWA counsel in Washington, for his perusal.

Immediately upon return of the measure Hartmann and Burling will confer and make any changes that may be suggested by the Federal official before the Senator introduces the bill.

The plan of procedure was out lined Saturday, when Hartmann appeared before the county legislative delegation at its weekly session. Burling introduced the bill last, year but was unsuccessful in getting it out of committee, although a companion measure, sponsored by former Assemblyman Bartholomew A. Sheehan, passed the House.

Mrs. Ida Pfeil, active in North Camden civic affairs, appeared before the lawmakers to press her point for a legislative embargo on the present discretion given. municipalities in the matter of charging interest on tax delinquencies.

Mrs. Pfeil contends taxation is “impoverishing the people.” She said municipalities should be restricted from charging more than 1½ or 2 percent. Senator Burling and Assemblyman Lawrence H. Ellis pointed out that owners of properties on a large scale would defer payment of taxes if the interest rate is less than the interest they pay on borrowed money.

Burling said the bill already has been introduced in the Senate – S-10 to set a maximum of 4 percent interest on one-year delinquencies and 6 percent after the first year. The present law sets a limit of 8 percent.


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