Man Held in N.Y. Indicted Here As Stock Swindler

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Camden Courier-Post – June 2, 1933

Grand Jury Returns 45 True Bills to Judge Samuel M. Shay

Many Charges Covered

Now in Tombs Prison, New York, Frank Osborne, 32, alleged Camden stock embezzler, was one of 45 persons named yesterday in indictments, returned by the April grand jury.

Osborne, alias Allen Drake, is being held in the New York prison at the request of Camden authorities.

The indictments, first of the April jury term, were returned before Judge Samuel M. Shay in Common Pleas Court.

Eleven true bills were impounded.

It is reported the charges contained in them are of a minor nature and name persons at present fugitives from justice.

E. Chester Ridgway, Sr., of Haddon Heights, woolen manufacturer, is foreman of the jury.

Osborne is charged with embezzlement. He is accused specifically of fleecing a Camden business man out of 534 shares of Cities Service’ stock, valued at $1,602.

According to Chief of County Detectives Lawrence T. Doran, who caused Osborne’s arrest in New York, the suspect operated a stock racket in Camden under the trade name of the “R. E. Stoddard Company” and swindled Camden and suburban business men.

Other indictments made public follow:

Robbery: Russell Grady, alias “Spencer" of Camden. Grady is alleged to have stolen $10 from Max Kleinfield January 28th.

Embezzlement: Frank Osborne, alias Allen Drake, of Camden, charged with embezzling 534 shares of common stock of the Cities Service Company, valued at $1602, on January 24.

Breaking, entering and larceny: James Cox, of Clementon; William H. Shinn, of Haddon Township, Charles Joslyn, Dominic Croge and Anthony Scott, all of Camden, named jointly. Harold Walters, William Kirk and George Walters, all of Pennsauken Township, named jointly.

Larceny and receiving stolen goods: Joseph Smitka and Theodore Jakucki, alias Theodore Chaney, both of Camden, named jointly. Ignatz Jaroshuk, of Camden, who is alleged to have taken $850 belonging to Peter Kracyzk, on February 25.

Larceny, receiving stolen goods and larceny as bailee: John F. Cook, of Camden.

Receiving stolen goods: Spencer Murry, of Camden, alleged to have received $2000 worth of stolen copper templates from the Camden Pottery Company.

Obtaining money under false pretense: Samuel B. Stevenson, alias Samuel Ward, of Berlin.

Atrocious assault and battery: Charles Atkins, of Camden.

Assault and battery: William Di Paolo, alias Dip Di Paolo, of Haddon Heights, William Baxter; Jr., of Haddon Heights, Wladislaw Zineszki, of Camden, Nicholas Sakolonis, of Camden, I. J. Lewis, of Camden.

Statutory offenses: Walter Hart, of Camden; James Vennell, of Camden; Nick Simone, Jr., of Camden, and Raymond Ballinger, of Waterford Township.

Tampering with a meter: Joseph Perpetuino, of Camden; John Seick, of Barrington; Reuben Mitchell, of Gloucester Township, and Harry F. Clipper, of Haddon Township.

Non-support or desertion: James Morgan, of Camden, George Raymond Sykes, of Camden; Ernest Herman, of Camden; Frank J. Gaten, of Camden; Barney Cahill, of Gloucester; Anthony Debouno, of Waterford Township; Charles Jerome Sheppard, of Collingswood; Maurice Brinn, of Gloucester, and Philip Winter, of Camden.


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