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Mitchell H Cohen - 1936-10-21
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Mitchell H. Cohen

Mitchell Cohen was a prominent figure in Camden, New Jersey, with a long career as a lawyer and judge.

Charles A. Wolverton - 1926
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Charles A. Wolverton

Charles Wolverton (1880-1969) was a New Jersey lawyer and politician who served 16 terms in Congress, chairing the Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce.

Lawrence T Doran - 1930-04-01
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Lawrence T. Doran

Larry Doran helped crack several famous cases, helping send killers Walter Dworecki and William John Stephan to New Jersey’s electric chair. He was involved with most every major investigation in Camden County for a quarter of a century.

Chisels Stock Photo
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Camden Chiselers Club

The Camden Chiselers Club was organized by Larry Doran, attorney Rocco Palese, and other members of Camden’s political and business community, making up a “Who’s Who” of Camden in the 1930’s.

Gun Money Robbery Stock Photo
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Andrew Scarduzio

Andrew Scarduzio was a political player in Camden who was killed at a bar in Bellmawr NJ.

Mobster, Stock Photo
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Joseph “Mose” Flannery

Joseph ‘Mose’ Flannery was a political figure in Camden in the early 1900’s, also involved in organized crime. He was murdered, as was his suspected murderer.

Samuel P Orlando Portrait - 1928-09-06
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Samuel P. Orlando

SAMUEL P. ORLANDO was born in Italy on April 26, 1900 to Tony and Fortune Orlando. He came to America in 1909. When the Census was taken in 1910 the family lived in Bridgeton NJ where the elder Orlando and older brother Mike, then 18, worked as laborers at a glass factory. A daughter, Jennie, was also at home.

Gangster Murder Stock Photo
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Gunmen In Philadelphia Murder Colozzi in Numbers War

A reputed employee of Fred Klosterman, Camden numbers baron, was shot and killed in Philadelphia last night in what police there believed was an inter-city fight for control of the numbers racket.

Main Poisoned - AI Photo
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Victim of ‘Plot’ Falls Dead at Gloucester Inn

Returning to Gloucester after he was summoned three hours earlier by a mysterious telephone call from Philadelphia, Alexander Obryeki, 57, of 825 Jersey avenue, alighted from a bus last night, walked to a cafe and fell dead.

Bandit - Wanted Stock Photo
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Wirtz to Hear Fate in Bandit Quiz Today

Decision on any action to be taken against Stanley Wirtz, suspended Camden detective charged with having furnished the guns and automobile for a holdup, will be made today by Commissioner Mary W. Kobus and Police Chief Arthur Colsey.

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Wirtz Ordered to Face Inquiry By Mrs. Kobus

Detective Stanley Wirtz, suspended by Police Chief Arthur Colsey yesterday pending investigation into charges that he supplied the guns and an automobile for a holdup, has been ordered to appear today before Commissioner Mary W. Kobus, director of public safety.

Bandit - Wanted Stock Photo
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Store Bandits to be Quizzed in Chester on Feitz Murder

Seven men and women held by Camden as police as material witnesses in the murder of Detective William T. Feitz two weeks ago in an alleged South Camden disorderly house will look over two men arrested in Chester PA after a store holdup here.