Measles Spreads Here, Health Aide Reports

Measles - AI Stock Photo

Camden Courier-Post – February 8, 1938

Dr. Arthur L. Stone, city health director, yesterday revealed that 217 cases of measles have been reported to his office since January 1, compared with two cases for the same time last year.

“Measles epidemics,” he said, “seem to occur periodically and I will not be surprised if we are in for one right now. We probably will have a number of new cases within the next few weeks.”

He renewed his warning of a week ago to parents regarding possible serious complications from measles.

“The day has passed,” he said, “when measles is to be considered lightly. If not treated properly it can result in pneumonia, particularly among babies and very young children. The best precaution is to call the family doctor as soon as the first symptoms- head colds and watery eyes- appear;”

Of the 217 cases reported this year, Dr. Stone said 161 were reported in January, and 56 since February 1.


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