Merchants Here Join Hands in 3 Day Bargain Festival

Gately and Hurley's Store in the 1890's

Camden Courier-Post – June 12, 1933

Camden merchants will unite during the last three days of this week to give South Jersey merchandise at unusually low prices.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday will be known as “co-operation days.” The stores co-operating in this sales program will be open evenings to provide ample opportunity for patrons to take advantage of the offerings. Harry A. Moran, general manager of the Hurley Store, is chairman of the committee of merchants.

“New Deal” Successful

“Everywhere, on all lips, we hear of “the new deal” that President Roosevelt is so effectively putting into operation throughout this country,” Mr. Moran said.

“A logical part of ‘the new deal,’ influenced by the return of public confidence, has been the re-employment of thousands of workers, the demand for merchandise and the inevitable increase in commodity costs.

“It is a well-recognized fact that wholesale prices in practically every staple commodity have seen substantial advances, particularly in the past 30 days. Increases in wholesale costs can only mean one thing: eventually the retailer must increase retail prices to the consumer as soon as stocks purchased or contracted for at the former lower wholesale quotations are exhausted.

“Sensing this condition and knowing of the remarkable pickup in local industries that has been so splendidly reflected in full-time work and greatly increased number of employees, a group of Camden’s most progressive merchants have decided that they could perform a worthy service to the South Jersey public by soliciting the co-operation of local industries and staging a bargain sales event, that would feature standard seasonal merchandise at pre-inflation prices.

Sets Twenty-Year Record

“Final plans are being completed and official announcement has just been made that the stores of all cooperating merchants will feature merchandise at the lowest prices in the past 20 years on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. ‘Co-operation days’ has been selected as the most fitting title for the event and that the stores of participating merchants will remain open each evening to accommodate the large number of industrial workers, in particular, who cannot take advantage of regular shopping hours.

“These co-operation days represent a bargain festival in keeping with the spirit of the times. We anticipate a business volume that will far surpass anything the merchants of Camden have seen for years because the basis for this event has been planned on sound, constructive lines… a whole-hearted service to the people of this community at a time when our patrons most need the advantage we have thus been enabled to offer them.

“In addition to the greatest dollar for dollar values in the past 20 years, the committee hopes to be able to offer some free entertainment features to all our Camden visitors that will be of unusually high caliber.”


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