Hurley’s Department Store

The Hurley Store on Broadway, a great big structure conducted on progressive lines as is proven by the manner in which the buying public bestows its patronage. The Hurley service has become a byword with thousands of South Jersey families. its occupants.

Founded in 1890, Hurley’s Department Store was a fixture in the Camden and South Jersey retail business scene until 1956, when the Hurley family closed the business.

The business, originally called Gately & Hurley, was originally located in the old Wildey Hall at 4th and Pine Streets. Founder William Leonard Hurley assumed sole ownership in 1904. By this time the company had located their flagship store on the south-west corner of Broadway and Pine Street. William Leonard Hurley passed away early in 1928. His son Jerome, along with brothers James V. and Harry A. Moran, carried the business forward.

In 1947, the store underwent a major renovation. By that time, the Hurley chain had expanded to include a total of seven stores, including locations in East Camden, Penns Grove, Trenton, Millville, Wilmington DE, Pennsylvania, and elsewhere.

Hurley’s was noted for its personnel, many of whom worked fro the concern for decades. Harry A. Moran, who was general manager of the business in the 1930s and 1940s, retired in 1944 after 46 years with the firm. His brother James V. Moran also worked for Hurley’s for over four decades.

Hurley’s closed in 1956. While the business had suffered due to competition from other, larger stores, the closing was as much a product of a lack of a succession plan for the business. The store’s closing, however, was a portent of things to come later for Camden.

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