Camden Courier-Post – February 17, 1936

Judge Neutze Influenced by Restitution, Poor Health in Suspending, Sentence

Nathan U. Katz, 44, former Kaighn Avenue real estate dealer, pleaded non vult yesterday before Judge Frank F. Neutze in Criminal Court to a charge of embezzling a total of $4586.27 from four building and loan associations he represented. He was given a suspended sentence of one to three years in state prison and fined $500.

Representatives of the building and loan associations testified to his good character and asked for clemency. A physician testified Katz has a lung ailment.

In imposing sentence, Judge Neutze said he was influenced by the fact that restitution was made before charges had actually been brought against Katz, and also by the fact that Katz is in poor health.

It was brought out that complaint against Katz by the State Department of Banking and Insurance followed an 18-months investigation of his activities by the department. The cost of this probe, approximately $3100, has been assessed against the four associations.

Assistant Prosecutor Isaac W. Eason made no recommendation to the court. He said that during an 18-month period, including all of 1934 and half of 1935, while the state was unearthing Katz’ defalcation, that the real estate agent had made restitution.

“Katz made restitution when he found out that the state was investigating,” Eason said. “On the other hand, it is true that the defendant is in poor health and has pleaded non vult, saving court costs.

Katz, who lives at 1531 Wildwood Avenue, was represented by former Prosecutor Clifford A. Baldwin.

In imposing sentence, Judge Neutze said, addressing Katz:

“The fact that restitution was made prior to charges actually being brought makes a tremendous impression on me. The condition of your health is also to be considered.”’

Katz was indicted last October. According to the indictment, he is charged with embezzling the following amounts from the following associations:

Apollo, $723.29; Bridge, $1230.85; Hyman Varbalow, $693.52; Home Buyers, $1938.61.


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