New Athletic Club Here is Inspected

Camden Courier-Post – February 1, 1933

Members Visit Building and Discuss Plans for Opening

The new City Athletic Club building at Admiral Wilson and Baird boulevards was inspected last night by the membership, when plans for immediate opening were discussed at a mass meeting attended by 100.

The structure, the first unit of a $1,000,000 project, was built at a cost of $120,000. The clubhouse is artistically laid out and provides for every social and athletic activity.

Franklin P. Jones, president of the First National Bank of Beverly and chairman of the club’s finance committee; Samuel P. Orlando, secretary, and other officers of the club submitted reports and plans at the meeting which are expected to assure immediate opening of the club.

The club has 785 members, of which 600 are founder members. The land, comprising seven and one-half acres, was purchased for cash at $150,000. George W. Shaner & Sons, Palmyra, are the contractors, and Paul P. Cret and Joseph N. Hettel, the architects.

E. E. Shumaker, former president of the RCA-Victor Company, is president of the club. The vice presidents are Eldridge R. F. Johnson, George L. McGinley and Charles W. Russ. George B. Yard, Jr., is treasurer. Construction of the first unit was started last January. The building is three stories. Plans for it were drawn so that work on the other units can be started at any time.


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